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Quality Line Painting in Vancouver

Line Painting Services


Complexes, Apartment Parkades

Residential Line Painting in Vancouver
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Coast Line Painting is experienced in working with strata and property managers to efficiently and professionally complete the repainting of residential complexes and parking lots while residents are at work.


Strip Malls, Warehouses, Schools, Churches, Universities, Restaurants, Airstrips, Docks, Business Complexes

Commercial Line Painting in Vancouver
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We are equipped to handle line painting jobs of all sizes – from small businesses, schools and churches all the way up to universities, malls and airport runways.

New Construction

New Apartment Buildings, New Business Lots

New Construction Line Painting in Vancouver
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We have a multitude of experience in laying out and painting parking lots for new construction projects – the parkades of new apartments and outdoor lots for new places of business. We work both directly for building contractors and are also often subbed by painting companies for our expertise in parking lot painting.

Specialty / Custom

Specialty Logos, Custom Colours

Specialty and Custom Line Painting in Vancouver
Evo Line Painting
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Coast Line Painting is often hired for custom parking lot painting projects using custom stencils and a variety of traffic paint colours.


Warehouse Floors

Warehouse Line Painting in Vancouver
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Forklift traffic and smooth floors in warehouses present a unique challenge for line painting. We are able to help you find the right solution – offering professional traffic paint, epoxy and industrial floor tape installation services, taking care to provide proper floor prep.

Thermoplastic / Durables

Thermoplastic, MMA (Methyl Methcrylate)

Thermoplastic Durables Line Painting in Vancouver
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Western Stevedoring Lynnterm Line Painting

Coast Line Painting can install thermoplastic and MMA (epoxy) for roadwork and other pavement surfaces that face high levels of direct wear from traffic – where maximum material durability is required.

Other Services

Power Washing

Power washing, Degreasing

Power Washing in Vancouver

If your parking lot has caked on dirt, moss or badly chipping paint, we can pressure wash it beforehand to ensure your new paint will have a clean surface to adhere to and can achieve its maximum performance.

Asphalt Repair

Crack sealing, Pot hole repair, Repaving

Asphalt Repair in Vancouver

We can help improve the integrity of your lot’s surface and extend its life by filling potholes, sealing cracks and replacing sections of asphalt that have been compromised – guarding against further water damage and degradation.

Line Removal

Eradicating, vapour blasting

Line Removal in Vancouver

Blacked out lines eventually start to come through again – if you would like a more permanent solution to line removal, we can completely remove unwanted lines and markings from your pavement using an eradicator or a vapour blaster.